The National Alliance of Indo-Canadians


Support for Indian PM Narendra Modi visit and organizing 'Community Reception' in the presence of Right Honorable PM Stephen Harper at Ricoh Colesium in Toronto (Note from PM).



NAIC donates surplus funds to charity


Sikh Genocide Motion:

Passage of Private Member's Motion on Sikh Genocide in Ontario Legislature

Letter to Premier Kathyleen Wynne of Ontario Provincial Parliament

Divisive Politics in Ontario must stop:

Indo-Canadians concerned over divisive politics in Ontario


PM Trudeau Visit to India:

Commentary on PM Justin Trudeau visit to india

Globe used to educate children should show accurate map of India:

Canada Globe 'cuts J&K out of India'

Jammu and Kashmir sensitivities:

Meeting and follow up with Honorable MP Robert Oliphant to enhance understanding about J&K

Community Advisory Committee needed for socio-political input:

Contribution and participation of Indo-Canadians in Canadian polity - Honorable Minister Mary Ng;

Follow up letter to Honorable Minister Mary Ng proposing for setting up 'Community Advisory Committee'


Indian Citizenship Amendment Act:

Response to Opinion piece in Globe and Mail by Honorable Senator Ratna Omidvar and Film Maker Deepa Mehta

Divisive Politics of Sikh Genocide:

Letter to Premier Doug Ford of Ontario Provincial Parliament

An Open Letter to MPPs of Ontario Provincial parliament

Letters against Imbalanced Reporting by Toronto Star:

Intolerance or fake secularism for vote-based politics

India's kashmir Move foretold China standoff'

Hindu Heritage Month in Alberta:

Month of August to be Proclaimed Hindu heritage Month in Alberta


IndianAssault on Indian Democracy and PM support to Indian Farmer Protest:

Letter to Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Letter to Honorable minister Bill Blair on Protests, Extremism and Violence concerning Public Safety in Canada:

Call for action for attacks on Hindu and moderate sikhs in Canada